Heights Melts was created by the highly-deficient and often-restless minds of Dave Burton and Libor Vitu, frequent collaborators, partners, and consultants in a variety of restaurant concepts. Combined, the two have opened over 200 restaurants.


While visiting a local watering hole to unwind, the two thought how great would it be to develop a concept that’s warm, inviting, delicious, adventurous, friendly, and fun – that focused on the ultimate comfort food: grilled cheese. Here, the vision for Heights Melts was formed. Knowing that any relatively decent idea formed by men needed a woman’s touch to become great, the two brought in the highly talented and well-tattooed Larissa Pepe to help with Melt Shoppe’s development.


This Justice League-like trio continues to look for Heights Melts to be a place where guests can feel comfortable, relax, forget about their day, and enjoy bold yet approachable flavors at a great value. Our life motto here at Heights Melts is Eat. Laugh.Thrive., and we sincerely thank you for your patronage.